The Engagement Session

Engagement sessions (also know as e-sessions) have been a growing trend with soon to be married couples in the past few years and will likely continue in popularity. Why are they important? and what can I expect from one?

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so it’s really important you guys get along. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity for the couple and their photographer to get acquainted and get comfortable with one another. You get to know each other and the photographer gets a really good idea of what the two of you like and don’t like from your photos. Do you have a good side, a bad side? Is there a certain pose that makes you cringe? The photographer should take note of your personalities and quirks and you can give feedback about what you really loved, and what you only kind of loved.

The photographs taken during the session are used in a wide variety of ways, guest books, a framed photo to sign, a slideshow for the cocktail hour, save the date cards, holiday cards, a framed gift to parents, or just a large canvas to place above your mantle. Regardless of how you use them you should come away with a few really nice professional photographs together.

The Location:
The location can be anywhere you choose. You can pick the place where he proposed, the place where you had your first date or some other location that holds nostalgic, personal value for you. If you like, just pick a scenic spot; a recent trend has been urban scenes such as alleyways. It’s strange at first but you get to have fun and fool around. The wedding planning can be stressful so take this time to relax and let go.

The Dress:

Wear something you love and that suits your personality. The last thing you want on a casual engagement session is to feel uncomfortable with how you look. Make sure your dress fits your style.

Wear something that is comfortable. It’s best not to wear overly tight pants that restrict your movement.  Many times during the session you may be sitting, standing, kneeling, …
Choose outfits that are complementary in style; no need to match each other exactly though. Along with style, make sure you choose outfits that are comparable in dress.

You may wish to bring a change of outfit for a different look, your photographer shouldn’t object.

It’s a good idea to bring a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in because there may be times during the session when you will walk from one location to another. You may opt for more than one pair if you have a change of outfit.

Most important, HAVE FUN!

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