Post Processing

I thought I would include a post on the importance of proper post processing. This is not to be a lesson on Photoshop (perhaps we’ll do that someday in the future), I only wanted to illustrate the fact that when you combine proper photographic concepts, proper lighting, and careful use of Photoshop you can achieve a far superior end result.

Below is an image of Ingrid, a real estate agent who came to me looking to improve her online profile and business card; both very important in today’s economy (click HERE for a post on the importance of your online presence). The first image of Ingrid is straight out-of-camera and was taken in my studio. We had a beauty dish up above, a 47″ octabox behind me for fill, and a strip light behind her and to the right for a little highlight in her hair. I also arranged for a makeup artist for this shoot at Ingrid’s request.

Although the out-of-camera image looks fine the way it is (and probably better than most profiles you see), it needed more, as you can see the finished photograph is much more flattering, yet the changes are subtle.

Here is another sample, this time of Sue

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